Debra Bell’s Visit

Today, Debra Bell visited us in class. Debra told us of how she came to start producing button blankets after making and selling dolls during university. The sale of her work, particularly her button blankets, is something that Debra spoke at length about. She suggested that it is difficult to sell a button blanket as money cannot always compensate the button blanket maker for the full value of their work. This, as Debra explained, is due to the fact that button blankets are both labour intensive and emotionally intensive. She expressed that the time spent making a button blanket is often healing and reflective and described it has having “something spiritual” about it. Elaborating on this further, Debra told us that the process of making blankets has helped her through particularly difficult periods in her life. When the class was asked why they enjoy making button blankets, many of the responses reflected Debra’s sentiment that this activity is therapeutic and restorative.

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